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As we complete the last full month of winter, the darkest days of the year are behind us. But for some of us, the lack of outdoor activity and months of quarantine have taken a blow to our mental and physical health. We’re on a mission to promote the many ways that fourth-years can show their support for the wellness of those on our community.

During February, seniors are encouraged to support wellness groups on campus.

To say thank you for your support. You’ll also receive and invite to our exclusive end of the year event in June and if you give $20.21 or more, you’ll also receive a limited edition gift after convocation.

Senior Class Gift Committee is a collective of dedicated UChicago fourth-years who guide our class in philanthropic activities to better our community for future classes. This month, we’re bringing awareness to groups on campus that support student mental and physical wellness.

*Note: You can give your gift to anywhere in the University and we hope you consider supporting programs that support student wellness. Check out ideas below:


Wellness-Oriented RSOs to Support

The list of UChicago health-related organizations is abundant but here’s a quick selection of a few worthy organizations:

Active Minds at the University of Chicago The national purpose of Active Minds is to empower university students to speak openly about mental health in order to educate others and encourage help-seeking behavior. The purpose of Active Minds on the University of Chicago campus is to connect students with the appropriate resources to better manage the rigors of the University, create a safe and welcoming space on campus to discuss mental health, inform students of the prevalence of mental health issues nationally, and provide a forum for those passionate about these issues to make a community impact.
Aikido Kokikai Kokikai Aikido is a self-defense art that uses throws, pins, and an opponent’s momentum to defend against striking and grabbing attacks. For maximum effect, students learn how to relax properly and develop good posture and balance.
Game Design UChicago’s home for discussing, learning, and practicing game design
Peer Health Exchange Peer Health Exchange Chicago launched in the summer of 2007 to help address an unmet need for health education in Chicago Public Schools (CPS). Over the last decade, we’ve grown to provide our trauma-informed, skills-based health curriculum to over 36,000 young people in Chicago while building a culture of preventative health and wellness.
Women and Youth Supporting Each Other (WYSE) WYSE is a national mentoring organization dedicated to strengthening the lives of young women and their communities. It is a curriculum based mentorship program striving to address issues that will facilitate the self-empowerment of young women, including topics such as racism, sexism, healthy body image, comprehensive sex education, sexual orientation, drugs, gangs, teenage pregnancy, and future options. WYSE began at UCLA in 1992 and has spread to 13 branches at 12 universities nationwide. The National Resource Office (NRO) recently dissolved and is now in the form of a Board of Directors. They hope to restore the NRO in the near future.
American Red Cross of University of Chicago The American Red Cross is a humanitarian organization, led by volunteers, that provides relief to victims of disasters, and helps people prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies. It does this through services that are consistent with its congressional charter and the principles of the International Red Cross Movement. In addition, the American Red Cross of University of Chicago will develop and offer services that address critical human, health, and safety needs of the communities which it serves and are consistent with the American Red Cross Mission.
UChicago Veteran Scholars League The UChicago Veteran Scholars League is a group of university-based military veterans, servicemen and women, dependents of military-affiliated students and individuals dedicated to supporting military veterans, their families, and their communities.
Phoenix Survivors Alliance We are a peer-led organization of student survivors & allies who work, research, and collaborate to provide information, advocacy, and peer support to survivors of sexual violence at UChicago.
MEDLIFE MEDLIFE stands for “Medicine, Education, and Development to Low Income Families Everywhere.” Our RSO focuses on the intersection of these components in developing health and well-being on the South Side of Chicago and in our international chapter settings. Equity and sustainability are the driving values in the work we do both on campus and in communities abroad.

If you don’t see your RSO or program listed here but would like to, email or leave a comment below!

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