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Meet Ella

A dynamic fourth year who designed this year’s thank you gift for all of those in the Class of 2021 who have supported the UChicago Community this year.

photo of young woman in front of paint white brick wall

Ella’s Design On Your Class Gift

“This is a design I’ve thought about often, as Honey the duck and her ducklings are a favorite cohort of mine on Canvas. Using the existing UChicago phoenix as a thought-provoking starting point, I think the image of Honey, rising with phoenix wings to protect her ducklings, speaks to a more localized resilience and regeneration that the Class of 2021 has experienced, rising not out of the flames, but to the challenge of protecting and standing with one another in the most challenging of times.” (Click to enlarge)

The Class of 2021 Giftscg class of 2021 lunch box, blanket and logo

When our class supports the area on campus that mean the most to us, it sends a message that we care about uplifting our community. So to say thank you for giving back,  the Senior Class Gift Committee will give a Class of 2021 Gift to every single donor. Check out the perks of giving here.

More of Ella’s Work

When Ella participated in Festival of the Arts as a second year, she created a photoshopped altarpiece dedicated to the Air Force 1 cult and culture. (Click to enlarge)

golden track shoe

Commercial Design

Ella is on the women’s track and field team at UChicago.  

icon of an interview

Residential Design

She interviewed Dean Boyer for @uchicagocollege when she studied abroad in Vienna.

paper and pencil with painting palette

Interior Design

Her thesis topics covers problems with philanthropy for supporting diversity in the art historical canon.

Get Ella’s Design



Lunch Box + Phone Stand + Reusable Form


Lunch Box + Blanket + Chicago Society

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