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SCG Events

The Senior Class Gift (SCG) Committee plays host to a number of events during the year as a way to both engage and thank their classmates for their participation. While it is not required to be a donor to be invited to many of these events, students who do give early experience some added benefits.  


Looking Ahead

Giving Day on March 29-30 from Noon to Noon

For 24 hours, around the world, the University of Chicago Community comes together to share our pride and give back to UChicago. We make the most of every moment, every opportunity, every one of us-to make the biggest difference possible of Giving Day. On March 29th and 30th, support what matters most to you. Join the excitement online by making a gift and sharing your participation or find us in person at one of our pop-up locations across campus.

GO Party on May 20, 2023

All fourth-year donors are invited to attend Go Party for free. Alumni Weekend’s biggest bash, the UChicagGO Party transforms a familiar space on campus into a veritable wonderland of food, drink, and dancing with friends old and new. This is one party you wont want to miss.