As the effects of human activity on the globe reach never-before-seen levels, this April, our class can make an impact to help the planet.

 During April, we’re encouraging seniors to grow their own herb gardens with a

UChicago mint starter kit!

Here’s how to get yours:

white box labeled SCG with mint sprouting out of top

Support UChicago sustainability initiatives (examples below). There are a number of RSOs, departments and initiatives doing the work to help our environment, combat environmental racism and encourage clean energy practices. Here’s one that might spark your interest:

 Phoenix Farms’ Welcome Spring Sale! During Phoenix Farms’ two-week sale, if you purchase an item and tack on a donation of any amount, you’ll get the planter with that purchase. It’s a bonus for keeping Earth’s well-being at heart.

You can also get the planter without a purchase any time in April, including UChicago Giving Day which offers huge prizes in addition to the planter. It’s encouraged, but not required, to give to sustainability causes as we reflect on our impact on the planet this month. 

Questions about how to donate to an RSO?

It’s easy! Click the “I’d like to enter my own designation” box and type in the full name of the RSO of your choosing.

screenshot of UChicago SCG giving form with I'd like to enter my own designation circled