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What is the Senior Class Gift?

The senior class gift is the fourth-year students’ way of making the changes they wish to see within the University of Chicago community. The phrase “Senior Class Gift” elicit images of a bench on the Quad or a clock in The Reg, but the senior class gift is the culmination of any and all gifts made by a fourth-year toward improving our UChicago community. Whether running the Comer 5k, giving through your RSO, or supporting your favorite intramural team, the SCG is a fourth year’s chance at leaving legacy before graduating.

What is the UChicago Senior Class Gift Committee?

The Senior Class Gift Committee (SCG) is a student-led campaign behind envisioning, designing, and implementing a transformative and impactful student experience at the University of Chicago through philanthropy and community engagement. We achieve this mission by raising awareness of and financial support for important causes among students and the campus community at large.

What We Do

  • Define philanthropy: Promote and educate the campus community about student engagement and philanthropy, not just monetary activism, but also civic engagement
  • Event Planning: Plan and implement social events for students, alumni, and faculty that also encourage support for the University
  • Fundraising Agents: Create and lead student fundraising campaigns and conduct peer-to-peer outreach

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where do donations for the SCG go? Does UChicago take a “cut” of my donation?

One hundred percent of every donation goes directly to the donor’s designated cause. SCG is not a collection of money in a bank account and does not fund the endowment.

 Why should I give my money to the University when I already pay tuition?

 This is your opportunity to have a say in how the school is run by donating to what you value and what has shaped your time here. Tuition pays for your professors, the gym, building maintenance, and a whole host of other things, but your donation, however, is always earmarked for exactly what you choose!

Who can join SCG?

Any motivated fourth-year student of The College is eligible to apply for the SCG committee. Third-year students who believe in the mission of SCG are also welcome to apply.