Give and we’ll donate supplies to a South Side neighbor in need.

Support the South Side, Now!

The University of Chicago sits in the heart of of the South Side of Chicago. As a University of motivated students, staff and faculty, we’re in a unique position to contribute to the community from which we benefit. It’s the same community that educated Gwendolyn Brooks, holds the only Illinois state park within Chicago and is featured in countless TV shows and movies like Sense8, Chicago Fire, and Shameless.

But with the pandemic, we know that many residents of the South Side of Chicago are disproportionately affected by food insecurity and unemployment. This is where we can step up. We’ve partnered with the UChicago Office of Civic Engagement to offer you a way to support our South Side neighbors. Give any amount to any of these funds that support the Nine Neighborhoods (Douglas, Grand Boulevard, Greater Grand Crossing, Hyde Park, Kenwood, Oakland, South Shore, Washington Park, and Woodlawn) and Senior Class Gift will donate supplies to a local organization in need.


How to give:

  1. Pick an organization or program to donate to. See some suggestions below!
  2. Go the Senior Class Gift giving page and find the fund in the dropdown menu. If you don’t see your chosen organization, select “I’d like to enter my own designation” and type the name of your chosen organization in the box titled “Designation Name.”
  3. Enter your billing information.
  4. In the “Special Instructions” box, enter code 9NN. Your donation will go directly to your chosen fund.

Give Now!

UChicago Funds Supporting the South Side


Southside Solidarity Network Increased transparency and accountability of the University of Chicago’s budgetary priorities on campus and their impacts in surrounding communities


South Side Free Music Program Reaches as many students as possible in order to help build positive community relationships and spread our love of music
Southside Scribblers Gets kids excited about being creative, excited about writing, and excited about creative writing
Arts + Public Life Provides platforms for artists and access to arts programming through artist residencies, arts education, creative entrepreneurship, and artist-led programs and exhibitions.


Office of Civic Engagement OCE strengthens community organizations and small businesses, improves access to education, and connects residents to jobs —all with the goal of advancing economic and social progress in our neighboring communities and the city as a whole.
Phoenix Care Connects students with hospice care centers, giving students the opportunity to partake in meaningful community service while simultaneously providing patients and families with care, companionship, and support
L1 Creative Business Accelerator  The new L1 creative business accelerator is a shared storefront retail space and collaborative learning opportunity for creative entrepreneurs.


Students for Disability Justice Brings support groups and mentorship, disability activism, discussion, and community engagement to UChicago and the greater Chicago community
Phoenix Care Connects students with hospice care centers, giving students the opportunity to partake in meaningful community service while simultaneously providing patients and families with care, companionship, and support


Bridge to College
Helps underserved Chicago Public School high school students develop a stronger working knowledge of what college and the application process entails by bringing them to campus for College Days and our mentorship program.
Comer Tutors
Organizes and trains tutors who will provide academic services to inpatients at the University of Chicago Comer Children’s Hospital
Friends of Washington Park
Assists children, K-12, with their academics through tutoring services, homework assistance, and other curriculum enrichment supplements
Mentors high school students and help them apply to college
Media Literacy Project
Teaches young people how to critically investigate the origins, motives, and implications of the media
Neighbors Offers weekly volunteer opportunities like mentoring and tutoring at the Hyde Park Neighborhood Club (HPNC) and Kenwood Academy, as well as service events throughout the year
Phoenix Tutoring
Offers free tutoring service to the Hyde Park community and Chicago Public School students
Splash! Chicago
Introduces students from different walks of life to topics that aren’t approached in the traditional classroom
Strive Tutoring
Provides a positive culture as well as academic, social and emotional support in one-to-one and small group settings in our after-school and Summer programming
Supplies for Dreams
Helps students gain the general mindset and skill set they will need to succeed at anything they want to pursue in life
Whatever It Takes
Levels the playing field in test prep by offering free SAT and ACT prep courses to Chicago-area high school students
Promotes STEM education in the Hyde Park and Woodlawn neighborhoods
Science 4 Kids
Utilizes NextGeneration standards to craft interactive lessons and activities in order to make science and health accessible and fun to students in the Hyde park and South Side communities
Gets elementary school-aged girls from low-income communities interested in STEM in an effort to combat the gender and socioeconomic divides in those fields in Chicago by partnering with local schools and community centers
Promotes financial capability for under-resourced teens
On a Mission for Nutrition
Addresses the obesity disparity on the South Side of Chicago
New Americans UChicago
Tutors Chicago residents seeking to take the U.S.

Food and Shelter Security

Food Recovery Network
Addresses environmental justice and food insecurity by recovering leftover food on campus for local shelters and community centers Chicago
Homeless Food Run Provides food, clothing, and resources to Chicago’s homeless and working poor; and two, to instill a concern for the poor in the lives of college students


Bridgeport Free Clinic
Provides drop-in medical care for the uninsured community of Bridgeport
Community Health Initiative
Provides  wellness, reflection, and educational events at the shelter
Pediatric Health and Wellness Initiative
Provides free medical care to uninsured or underinsured pediatric patients from underserved Southside communities
Peer Health Exchange
Helps address an unmet need for health education in Chicago Public Schools


New Americans UChicago
Tutors Chicago residents seeking to take the U.S.
Partnership for the Advancement of Refugee Rights (PARR)
Raises awareness of the issues refugees face in the United States and globally, work with refugee families in the greater Chicago area, and advocate for political change both nationally and globally


Women and Youth Supporting Each Other
(1) Provides middle school girls with the resources and support necessary to make informed decisions about relationships, sexual health, and their futures. (2) Provides college women with the skills and insight necessary to become life-long advocates for expanding opportunities for all women. (3) Provides a national network of support and friendship between young women working towards positive changes in their communities

Don’t see you UChicago organization on this list? Email