Jeff Metcalf Internship Program

The Jeff Metcalf Internship Program provides paid internships in a wide variety of fields and organizations for undergraduate students. This program provides a unique internship experience to students in fields they would like to explore without the financial concern that internships usually cause. The Jeff Metcalf Internship Program relies solely on the financial help of alumni, students, and outside organizations to help provide these high quality professional opportunities for students. Without the support of this program, many of our peers wouldn't be able to experience these amazing learning opportunities without simultaneously having to work for money over the summer.

  • The Metcalf Internship Program is instrumental in providing paid summer internships for the No Barriers initiative.
  • From its creation in 1997, the Jeff Metcalf Internship Program has grown substantially. When it initially started, only 6 internships were available. Last year, however, more than 1,000 internships were given to students.
  • This program is a mutually beneficially program and more than 70% of employers return each year to hire additional Metcalf interns.

With your support, students will directly benefit from the Jeff Metcalf Internship Program and you will continue to enhance the UChicago community.

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