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The College Fund is made up of gifts given by students, alumni, and friends to support essential services and resources of the University. This includes financial aid, study abroad, internships, and learning under the best professors. Moreover, the College Fund directly supports pressing needs that tuition fees have never covered. Senior Class Gift is about making up the difference to ensure future classes benefit from the same support that we have received from our undergraduate education. Share your enthusiasm by giving to the College, where your gift demonstrates your appreciation of high quality student life at this amazing university.

  • Financial Aid: UChicago pledges to meet 100% of demonstrated need for every undergraduate on campus. The average University of Chicago aid applicant receives $37,500 in scholarships each year.
  • Faculty Support: The student-faculty ratio in the College is 6 to 1, which is made possible by the College Fund
  • Enhanced Resources: 83% of classes in the College have fewer than 25 students
  • International Programs: More than 550 students studied abroad last year in 49 different programs in 22 countries. 
  • Internship Opportunities: More than 2,000 students have participated in the College's internship program since it began 15 years ago

With your support, students will directly benefit from the College Fund and you will continue to enhance the UChicago community.

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