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Many of us and many of our peers would not be here without Odyssey Scholarships. It is the 10th anniversary of Odyssey this year! These scholarships are sustained entirely by student and alumni donations. The mysterious founding donor of the Odyssey Scholarships, known only as Homer, wanted to make sure that the best and brightest could attend UChicago regardless of their financial circumstances.

We are proud to follow Homer's example by giving a portion of our gift to these scholarships.

Impact on Students

More than 1,000 students in the College currently receive Odyssey Scholarships. They work fewer hours to pay for school and are accruing far less debt, if any. In fact, over 66% of students graduate debt-free, due in large part to the Odyssey Scholarships. The scholarships allow students to focus on their coursework and take advantage of all the incredible opportunities the College has to offer.

With your support, students will directly benefit from Odyssey Scholarships and you will continue to enhance the UChicago community.

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