we are the 1,000.

thank you to all 1,013 donors

Thank you to all 1,013 donors - this incredible, record setting gift could not have been given without the participation of everyone. Each of your gifts, no matter the size, helped our class reach this tremendous achievement. 

Your support has made a difference. We donated $27,400 as class - a record amount! Not only that, with the challenges from Max & Julie Leichtman and trustees James Crown and Paul Yovovich, we raised more than $107,000 in support of the College!

Senior Class Gift 2014

As one of the premier senior class gift campaigns in the country, our campaign is a student-led initiative supporting student life. Students have the option of giving to the College Fund, Dean's Fund for Student Life, and Odyssey Scholarship Challenge. The Senior Class Gift is dedicated to sustaining the University’s commitment to excellence in undergraduate education and student life. Student and alumni giving is what makes a great institution like UChicago great.

This year, we reached our goal of having 1,000 members of the Class of 2014 to support the College through our Senior Class Gift. We came together as a class and acknowledge the many opportunities we've had. Participating in the Senior Class Gift is about supporting academic rigor and interdisciplinary education and we are proud to have 1,013 students show their support.

We are the 1,000.

why we gave

Our gift went to The College Fund, the Dean's Fund for Student Life, and the Odyssey Scholarship Challenge. These funds are the primary sources of general support for students.

The College Fund ensures that the University can meet its most pressing student life needs that would otherwise go unfunded including financial aid, study abroad, and internships.

The Dean's Fund for Student Life provides funding for student projects and supports student innovation.

The Odyssey Scholarship Challenge offers financial aid to ensure that the most qualified students are able to attend regardless of financial capacity.

Tuition has never covered the full cost of a Chicago education. These funds help make up the difference.


class of 2014 participation




as of 6/30/2014

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